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Apostle Cynthia Kornegay

A graduate of East Carolina University  with a Child Development and Family Relations degree, 1997.  She preached her initial sermon around 1991.  Apostle Kornegay was the Director of a child care for nine years.  She has served as director of the choir, praise team, youth choir and mass choir.  Through the holy spirit, she has a powerful Women's ministry.

She was  saved in April 14, 1975.    Salvation began her journey into the spiritual awareness of who she was called to be.  She is an anointed prophet of God.  Studying and consecrating regularly has strengthened the gifts within.  She preaches and teaches the uncompromising word of truth.  There is a fire within her loins which ignites others who come in contact with her to begin walking in their spiritual pathways.  Apostle Cynthia Kornegay walks with her husband in ministry not as First Lady but as Chief Intercessor and companion.  She has undergirded her husband in ministry from it's inception.

Apostle Cynthia Kornegay serves Faith Place Center of Worship as a loving, caring nurturing and yes, disciplining mother figure who stands tall in the spirit.  She teaches us to be prayer warriors and women of warfare.  She is a tremendous gift to the body of Christ.  Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, what God has in store for this great vessel.  In the spirit, she is a force not to be reckoned with.  A vessel yielded to God's total will.  Her heart, mind and soul says YES!

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