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Apostle Douglas Kornegay

Graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 1976 with a degree in Psychology.   He was saved in 1965 and filled with the Holy Spirit shortly afterwards.  God called him to preach and teach the gospel in 1981.   Throughout his life, he has served in various capacities in the church.  He has been the choir director, soloist, assistant pastor and senior pastor.  All these were merely training ground for what was to come.
Apostle Douglas Kornegay has been chosen for such a time as this.    The church government is formed by the functioning of the gifts and ministries of the Spirit whose foundation is laid by the apostles.  The ministry engrafted in Apostle Douglas Kornegay is one of a master builder.    He lays the foundation of the word and watches as it builds strong lives and intimacy with the savior.   Just as an architect designs a building, Apostle Kornegay gives the body of Christ the blueprint for building the kingdom here on earth.   Called to the body to set  in order the chaotic, decree and declare the divine purpose for which we were created, he teaches and preaches having dominion over your assigned region.  We all have regions and territories that we must conquer.  Apostle Kornegay speaks into the very atmosphere and causes it to conform to the spoken word of God.
His messages penetrates the hearts of the people and demands change!  Just as Jesus said to Zacchaeus,  today salvation is come to your house!  Hear ye the word of The Lord through his anointed servant, Apostle Douglas Kornegay and become transformed!
As the Senior Pastor and Apostle of Faith Place Center of Worship, he leads an army of believers into uncharted territory and repossesses the goods of the enemy.  He teaches them to take back every stolen thing.  He trains them weekly to use the weapons to war against the enemy.  He has been declared the General of a spiritual army and it is time for the solders to fall in line and FIGHT!

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